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Troxel Rebel Western Helmet

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Troxel Rebel Western Helmet

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Ride with poise when you don the Rebel Riding Helmet from Troxel! Constructed with brave and bold western riders in mind, the Rebel provides adventurous riders with high-end features that boost safety and protection as well as comfort. On each ride, your rider will have a secure-fitting helmet that will protect. Elastic straps that self-adjust to the shape and size of the head comprise the SureFit system that makes sure straps are secure and hold the helmet in place while riding and during any rough tumbles. A FlipFold headliner is removable for washing so your helmet always feels fresh and clean. Mesh covered vents allow for airflow under the shell while keeping dirt and debris from getting to the forehead. The air vents are designed to use air flow to keep the head cool under the helmet. A low profile on the Rebel helmet gives you padding where you need it, without adding extra bulk and weight. The helmet has a Matte Duratec finish that shows off the bold, modern graphics of the Rebel Riding Helmet from Troxel. With both ASTM and SEI safety certification, the helmet provides more than adequate protection and has a trendy, modern look that riders will appreciate.

  • Construction: Features Surefit™ Pro fitting, mesh-covered vents, low profile design, and Matte Duratec™ finish
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Warranty: One year Manufacturer warrenty from date of purchase:
  • Safety Certification : ASTM/SEI certified



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Silhouette of Horse and rider with Troxel logo header

      Horse riding, for many campers, is the main event throughout their camp stay. They can’t wait to hop on their favorite horse and go for a gallop across the scenic campgrounds. In order to do that, they’ll need the proper protective riding gear. Of course, we want to offer the best for your camper, so we carry ASTM and SEI certified equestrian helmets from the world’s leading provider, Troxel. When we approached Troxel with a curious manner, it was Jenny, the sales manager, who shared some of her Troxel knowledge with us as well as a camp memory or two.

      Troxel was founded well over a hundred years ago in 1898. They sell a plethora of riding helmets, but we carry just one—their most popular, all-purpose riding helmet, the Spirit. Riders repeatedly opt for the Spirit because of its extraordinary ventilation, its extended sun visor, a wide assortment of fun colors, and it has a safety record that’s hard to argue with. Designed for everyday use, the Spirit is the helmet for any avid rider.

When going to camp, you learn how to make lasting connections, appreciate traditions, and you get to learn other walks of life.

      Jenny relayed to us how Troxel “brought to the equestrian market the first lightweight certified schooling helmet in 1992. Troxel wanted to offer horseback riders a safe, lightweight, and cool alternative helmet for everyday riding.” Throughout the years, Troxel has come to manufacture a number of products. Somewhere in the process of making bike helmets, it dawned on the manufacturers that the market needed a similar style horseback riding helmet!

      But onto the camp stuff— Jenny loved her time spent at summer camp. “I went to a 4-H camp as a child,” she said. She believes that it helped shape her in a number of ways—the all-around, typical summer camp effect: boost in confidence, realization of self-reliance, and sharpening practical skills in the real world. “It was a great experience and helped me to feel independent,” she said. “I realized that I did have real life skills and could do things on my own.”

      Indeed, summer camp seems to have a knack for showing kids what they are truly capable of: the social skills, the athletic ability, and the independence as well as the maturity to be on their own in the sense that they are away from their parents.

      “My favorite memory is sleeping in a cabin bunch and telling stories before we fell asleep,” shared Jenny. It sounds like the part of summer camp she got the most out of was a close-knit community. She and her cabin mates all became good friends in the summer. “I also loved playing ‘Capture-the-Flag’ against the boys,” she said.

      These are exciting times for Jenny as her kids grow up. “My oldest child is just about old enough to go to their first camp this summer,” she said. It seems summer camp is just as important to her and her kid as it is to Troxel. “Many summer camps offer horseback riding activities and Troxel makes the perfect helmet for riding while at camp,” says Jenny. “Troxel has over 3 million equestrian helmets in the field!” she told us. We hope to supply as many of those as possible to all the riders who shop our site!

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