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Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle

Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggle

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The Vanquisher 2.0 Speedo Junior Mirrored Goggles give young swimmers at summer camp protection in multiple ways. These Speedo goggles for children will provide protection against UV rays from the sun while also limiting the exposure of the eyes to chlorine. The Speedo Vanquisher Jr. 2.0 mirrored goggles contain 25 percent more peripheral vision than standard goggles. They also offer wide panoramic lenses with cushioned silicone seals for comfort and protection. The mirrored lenses act almost as sunglass lenses by reducing brightness and glare during swimming, and have an anti-fogging feature to help minimize the swimmer’s loss of vision. The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirror Junior Goggle fits smaller faces well, thanks to its ergonomic adjustable clip featuring three interchangeable nose pieces. These goggles feature a sleek, low profile inner eye fit, which greatly increases the wearer’s comfort. A silicone gasket effectively keeps water out of your child’s eyes by resting snugly and securely in his or her eye socket. The Speedo Vanquisher Jr. Mirrored goggles will wrap around your young swimmer’s head with a pleasantly snug fit. Caring for these mirrored goggles is a simple process for your young camper, as they simply need to be rinsed with cool water after use. Allow the goggles to air dry and keep them out of direct sunlight, and they’ll be ready to use again for another session of swimming in no time at all. With lightweight plastic lenses that are constructed with an anti-fog technology, these mirrored lenses will offer the best eye protection this summer, whether you’re in the pool or in a lake. These Speedo Junior swim goggles from Everything Summer Camp are an essential item for any child going off to summer camp this year. Their eyes will stay protected during long hours swimming in the pool, lake, or ocean. Their eyes will also stay protected from the damaging UV rays of the bright sun. Competitive swimmers will also love the high-quality and performance of these kids’ Speedo goggles. They’re ideal for training as well as competitions. Find everything you need to complete your summer camp shopping at Everything Summer Camp. We carry all of the summer camp packing list essentials and much more. You’ll find things you know you need as well as things that you never even thought of. Our great prices will help you complete your shopping without breaking the bank. We also offer fast shipping on all of our items, even custom orders. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service team if you have any questions.

  • Materials: Plastic, Latex Free
  • Construction: Plastic lens with silicone straps and eye cushions. Latex Free.
  • Weight: 2 oz
  • Care Instructions: Always rinse after use with cool, clean water. Allow to air dry. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Country of Origin: CN



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Picture underwater with speedo logo

      To some kids, archery is their favorite activity, others can’t wait to go horseback riding, but for a great number of summer campers, it’s water activities that are considered most essential to summer camp! After all, camp allows kids opportunities that don’t come around every day back home—opportunities like waterskiing, canoeing, snorkeling, sailing, and more! With fun in the water being such an attractive part about summer camp, we were compelled to give our shoppers a closer look at the Speedo brand which dominates the majority of our swimwear and other swim accessories.

      Interested to know more about this well-established company that dates back to 1928, we contacted Speedo to get some information about their company history and got word back from their Account Executive, Mike. Mike told us how he came to join the Speedo team and gave me some information about the different strokes Speedo’s had throughout the decades.

Competitive swimming was not-at-all popular back then, but that was all about to change...

      But first, let’s learn a little about Mike himself. Once an apparel buyer, he wanted to give something else a shot and put out an ad for himself in the newspaper as an independent sales representative. That was back in 1977. And that’s exactly when the folks at Speedo found him and brought him on board. Working nothing but wonders for the business, neither Mike nor Speedo has looked back.

      Mike may not be able to give us a personal account for all of Speedo’s history, but he’s been with the company for nearly half of its existence and he was able to give us a great understanding for how things used to be when they first started and how they got to be the way they are now.

      The Speedo story starts in 1910 when a young man named Alexander MacRae left his home in Scotland and moved to Australia where he started a business called ‘MacRae Hosiery Manufacturers’. This would indeed lead to the Speedo brand, but it wouldn’t go by that name until 1928 when MacRae popularized his revolutionary release of the Racerback—the first non-wool swimsuit. Competitive swimming was not-at-all popular back then, but that was all about to change.

      The Racerback boasted unprecedented tightness and featured open shoulders along with an exposed back. It may seem uncontroversial today, but it was actually so far ahead of its time that it was banned on beaches back then. But that didn’t stop MacRae’s new design from reaching great popularity and before long one of the staff members, a Captain Parsons, coined the term ‘Speedos’ in his catchy slogan, ‘Speed on in your Speedos’. And so the name was born.

      Speedo has continued to introduce a number of new creations over the years like the first swim shorts, the bikini, the first nylon swimwear, and more! Their most recent design is the LZR Racer which is the most technically advanced swimsuit in the world. But likely their biggest claim to fame started in 1932 when Speedo made its Olympic debut at the L.A. Olympics. Throughout the competitions, Speedo has continuously proven to be the swimwear of Olympic winners. It’s clear that Speedo makes the best swimwear and swim accessories the world over!

      Whether you’re going for the gold or making your first few splashes, Speedo will give your camper the confidence and motivation to achieve their swimming aspirations and the ability to enjoy the water! Carrying Speedo products was a no-brainer for us! According to Mike, there’s really only one reason for campers to go Speedo: “They will swim like an Olympian.”

speedo underwater picture footer

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