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ShowaFlops Slide

ShowaFlops Slide

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Germs are prowling in public showers, pool sides, and lots of other common areas you’re likely to encounter at camp. Protect your feet against those lurking germs with a pair of Showaflops. The Slide is constructed of a cushioned footbed to deliver unequaled comfort. Its textured surface keeps your wet feet from slipping and its deep-grooved, diamond-shaped sole eliminates slip on wet surfaces. Antimicrobial and designed with exclusive drainage holes, get the Slide Showaflops for your feet this summer.

  • Materials: Polyester, rubber
  • Construction: Rubber/polyester sole with velcro closure strap
  • Care Instructions: Clean with mild soap and water
  • Country of Origin: CN



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Picture of Flip flops with Showaflops logo over

      We had the pleasure of talking with the owner of ShowaFlops, Hal, who gave us the inside scoop about the creation of his company. But before we get into all of that—what are ShowaFlops? Reflective of Hal’s New York accent, the name just about says it all: they’re Flip-Flops, made to be worn in the showa—umm, I mean ‘shower’. They feature drainage holes as well as a textured, antimicrobial surface that, not only keeps wet feet from sliding, but protects them as well from bacteria and fungi. It also has a specially-designed sole to keep the shower shoe itself from slipping!

Public showers are a warm, moist environment: perfect places for bacteria and fungi to make their homes.

      Hal is an experienced entrepreneur who previously owned a large garment company, which included three subdivisions of the company, selling different types of garments: a business for bridesmaid dresses, a business that sold dresses for formal occasions, and a business called ‘Night Moves’ that sold prom dresses.

      Having sold his garment company, Hal never thought he’d reprise his role as the owner of a business, but that notion was put to bed one day in 2010 when he and his wife, Evelyn, dropped their daughter, Haley, off for her first year in college. Helping Haley move into her dorm room, Evelyn visited the restroom and cried out when she discovered the condition of the shower stalls—“These showers are disgusting! You need Flip-Flops for the shower!” she exclaimed.

      Hal and Evelyn spent the following year trying to launch their concept of a shower shoe for the better protection of people’s feet—especially in PUBLIC showers. After working on prototypes for about six months, Hal and Evelyn embarked on the next six-months, searching to find a proper manufacturer who could create the ShowaFlop shoe with drainage holes, but without damaging the rest of the shoe.

Easier said than done...

      But they eventually found the right factory and, by the end of that year, the ShowaFlop Shower Shoe was released on the market. It immediately saw great success. Stores loved the concept and they loved the product. They just weren’t the stores Hal expected. ShowaFlops are certainly popular items around a college dorm hall, but it was camping gear outlet stores that took considerable notice of these Flip-Flops for the shower.

      “We had no idea summer camp was going to be such a big focus,” said Hal. But more than happy to meet the unexpected demand, ShowaFlops are now essential to a clean and hygienic camp stay. Public showers are a warm, moist environment: perfect places for bacteria and fungi to make their homes. Protect your feet from unwanted fungi when you step into the showers at summer camp and step in wearing a pair of your own ShowaFlops!

      The moment that we saw ShowaFlops, we knew we wanted to make them available to summer campers. Our goal is simple—we want to help parents send their kids to camp properly to get the most out of the unforgettable experience. And you can’t do that with fungus on your feet!

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