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Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag

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Often enough, with all the gear you keep in your footlocker or dirty clothes in your laundry bag, you’ll end up trapping some unwanted stink. Never fear; this all natural air purifier has you covered! Made from 100% bamboo charcoal, this bag works as a perfect odor eliminator. This fragrance free bag will remove all odor, bacteria, allergens, excessive moisture, and harmful pollutants in an area as big as 90 square feet. The Moso Bag will also prevent mold and mildew to keep your trunk clean and odorless. Care for this bag couldn’t be easier; simply set it out in the sun for an hour once a month and the bag is ready to use again! This bag is non-toxic and eco-friendly—safe around pets and children—and will last you up to 2 years. Keep only what you want in your footlocker!

  • Materials: Charcoal, Linen
  • Construction: Bamboo charcoal inside a linen bag
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Care Instructions: Put in the sun for 1 hour to rejuvenate bag every 30 days.
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Removable : yes



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Moso Bags
Moso Bag Logo header

      It was great chatting with Eric from Moso Natural. He told us the story of how his company came to be and then talked a little summer camp with us. With a wealth of memories to share—after all, he went to camp for seven years!—Eric reminisces fondly of his summers all those years ago. To fill you in quickly on what Moso Bags are, these are all natural air purifiers that remove all the unwanted stink, bacteria, allergens, excessive moisture, and harmful pollutants in an area as big as 90 square feet and also helps prevent mold and mildew.

He searched far and wide all the way to China

      Somewhere between attending summer camps and developing a prototype for Moso Bags, Eric worked for the family auto parts business. It was here, of all places, that the Moso seeds were sewn. In search of air fresheners for his car, Eric noticed that there really wasn’t any alternative to the chemical-filled fresheners on their shelves at the auto parts shop or any other shop around.

      So, he searched far and wide all the way to China before finding a healthy option: bamboo charcoal. Environmentally friendly, sustainable, inexpensive, and safe enough to ingest (as practiced for detoxification in some parts of Asia), bamboo charcoal was just the thing that Eric was looking for. From this perfect, natural purifier, Eric set about developing a prototype using linen bags and introduced Moso in 2010. Seeing immediate success, Moso Bags are a natural hit!

      But let’s get back to Eric’s camp days… Eric liked camp so much, he attended for seven years! But it wasn’t love at first sight. He ended up going to four different camps in search of quality, friends, and passions. The first camp didn’t meet his parents’ approval. The second one was a vast improvement, but when Eric’s camp friends moved and went to a different camp, he started attending their new camp in order to stick together in the summers. Eventually, Eric started going to a sports camp for a special focus on his interests in golf and tennis.

      Camp was an extremely important influence. It certainly helped guide some of the building blocks that shaped who Eric is today! It played an immense part in the development of his social skills. In describing the power that summer camp has, he equated it to “a little bit like leaving for college.” Camp lets you “Learn how to meet new people,” he said. “You’re, in a way, making your own decisions.” Camp helps you get to know yourself with this sense of, “This is me being with my parents and this is me when I’m at camp,” Eric noted.

      Without any specific memories from camp, Eric simply told me about what a magical time twilight always was at camp. Something about the day’s colors growing dim and the evening activities stuck with him all this time. “We’d have dances once a week,” he said. “Those were always fun—and Color Wars!” he said.

      Handling stink so you don’t have to, Moso Natural Air Purifying Bags are a natural fit at Everything Summer Camp. Nasty-smelling shoes and camp trunks have nothing on a Moso Bag. Get this eco-friendly, reusable, and child-safe air purifier to de-stankify your camp gear and many other places such as the family car, stinky sock drawers, the refrigerator, and so much more. Then, breathe deep and breathe…clean!


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