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Ivy X Pre-Contact Spray

Ivy X Pre-Contact Spray

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Protect yourself against a variety of poisonous plants by using Ivy X Pre-Contact Spray from Everything Summer Camp. The rash preventative spray is easy to use and will help prevent the itching, rash, and inflammation that occurs after contact with poisonous plants. Just apply the spray to dry skin and let it air dry before dressing and heading out. When used as directed, the anti-poison ivy spray helps protect against possible contact with poisonous plant oils, preventing them from making contact and creating the uncomfortable immune response that follows.

Ivy X Pre-Contact poison ivy spray works by creating an invisible barrier on your skin that prevents plant oils and environmental contact allergens from being absorbed. By preventing irritants from entering your system, you also prevent the familiar poison ivy rash, which is a result of your immune system attacking and removing the poisonous plant oil or environmental allergen. The poison ivy prevention spray can be reapplied as necessary, using a liberal amount for protection. The solution not only protects against poisonous plants, but also against many common irritants including detergents, pollen, air pollution (smog), foliage, and grasses.

  • Materials: Water, Witch Hazel, Propylene Glycol, SD Alcohol, 172
  • Construction: Water, SD Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Witch Hazel combined with other ingredients
  • Weight: 4.7 oz
  • Ages: 2 years and older
  • Care Instructions: Store in a cool dry place
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 1.75" W
  • Primary Active Ingredient : Water
  • Fluid Ounces : 4 fl. oz.
  • Application Type : Spray Bottle
  • Sweat Resistant : no
  • Water Resistant : no
  • Approved for Children : yes



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