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Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"

Graduate Footlocker Trunk 32x18x18.5"

Product ID #CN-1105-v3


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This is the C&N big, bad strongbox—our biggest trunk for camp.
We offer The Graduate in 20 colors so you should have no problem
picking the one that suits you best. Fit your entire packing list
and more in this footlocker. Bunkmate called the bottom bunk? Use
your Graduate as a step-ladder to get to the top! This trunk is
manufactured with the same rugged and durable construction we give
all our footlockers. And it has wider handles that make it easier to
carry. You may want to make sure your camp has
no height restrictions on footlockers before buying this full-size
locker. Purchase a Glide & Go Tray for your smaller items.

  • Materials: steel, Plywood
  • Construction: 3/8" Birch Plywood construction with baked-enamel steel outer covering, nickel plated trim and hardware attached with screws, two plastic tray rails inside.
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Best Use: Storage
  • What's Included: Footlocker & Rails for Tray (tray sold separately).
  • Care Instructions: Clean with mild soap and warm water
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Warranty: C&N Lifetime Free Repair Warranty
  • Dimensions: 32"L x 18"W x 18.5"H
  • Finish : Baked on Enamel
  • Hardware : Nickel-Plated
  • Wheels : Sold Separately
  • Handles : Yes
  • Cubic Feet/Inches of Storage : 5.4 cu ft
  • Linear Measurement : 68.5"



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Quality Footlockers
Pros: Purchased a footlocker (black) last year for our son going to Indiana University. Just purchased my second footlocker (pink) to send with our daughter going off to college in Massachusetts. This is the best Company I have dealt with in a long time - the service is superb - from placing the order to when the 35lb. footlocker arrives at your door in perfect condiiton - the quality of the footlockers are unsurpassed! HoHoKus, NJ
Future Family Heirloom
Pros: It is a pleasure to purchase this footlocker made in the U.S.A. The quality is unsurpassed and I expect this footlocker will serve my greatgrandchildren some day. It's solid, well engineered, and remarkably light weight for its sturdy construction. I will be buying each of my children one of these as they embark on their college sojourn. Comments: I recommend buying the wheels to ease tranportation when the footlocker is filled.
An instant heirloom
Pros: Large size, sturdy, heavy duty construction and strong locking clasp for peace of mind security. Cons: The price does make you think about going with a lesser brand; however, after receiving the trunk, I am glad I paid for the quality. You pay for what you get and this is the best trunk I've ever seen. Comments: Our Graduate Footlocker arrived this week. We brought this trunk for our son who will be starting college in a few weeks. I was instantly impressed with the sturdy construction, the solid hardware and the overall look and feel of quality. Unfortunately the graphics on the website do not do this trunk justice. Compared to the college trunks that my wife and I still own from our college days, I estimate this trunk from C&N to be more than twice as sturdy and durable. the large size and solid clasp hardware will be ideal for my son to store items at his college over the summer.
Excellent footlocker
Pros: Great size and excellent quality. Design team thought of everything. Comments: Highly recommend
Amazing Trunk and Great Customer Service
Pros: Huge! and sturdy. My daughter loved having a choice of colors. This trunk served her well for three years at summer camp. Whatever damage was inflicted by the camp's shipping company was easily remedied with a call to C&N for replacement parts under the warrantee. Best investment in Summer fun that we have made. Cons: Heavy! But this is easily remedied with the wheel kit. Also, if you are shipping this trunk and its appearance is important to you, box it up if you can. Structurally, the trunk will survive, but the surface will become dented and scratched.


Camp Trunk Buying Guide

A lot summer camps hail the footlocker trunk as their preferred packing container. But what size will suit your camper best, specific to his or her camp stay? You’ll want to consider a few different factors before making your decision.

First, get the right bed height for the bunks at camp. You might be able to find this on your camp information packet but, if not, don’t be afraid to call up the camp for answers. Generally trunks under 14” work for most camps.

Second, consider the amount of camp clothing, gear, and supplies you need to pack. Just because your child is going to camp for three weeks doesn’t mean you need to pack clothes for three weeks, many camps have laundry service. Follow your camp’s packing list.

Third, consider what size clothing you’re trying to pack. After all, a dozen Youth Small Tees won’t eat up as much space as a dozen Adult Larges.

The lists below will give you a good idea of what can fit inside each of our trunks. We used a combination of Youth Large and Adult Small clothing to create the lists. Our camp trunks are all 32” long and 18” wide, the only difference is in the height of trunks.

We designed with size in mind! Our smallest trunk means that it costs the least and weighs the least. It also means that it’s the least expense when travelling on airlines. Most campers that use this trunk attend a camp with very low bed heights or consistently travel to camp via plane.

Happy Camper
By far the most popular of our camp trunks, the Happy Camper is the safest choice. Why? Because it works! Sized right for pretty much any camp, the Happy Camper can do no wrong. 75% of our footlocker sales are Happy Campers. It’s also the model for our latest creation, Designer Trunks, which are made with the same size and design of the Happy Camper.

If your camp offers the available space, then the UnderGrad is a great size trunk for you. This trunk fits a bit more gear than the Happy Camper. The additional packing space provides for a little wiggle-room too which makes living out of a the trunk a little more convenient.

If your camp has no height restrictions, then go as big as you can with the Graduate. For campers who are looking forward to a lengthier camp stay at a camp without laundry service, this is the trunk for you. The Graduate also offers excellent future use at school if college is coming up soon after your summer camp days.

Snap-On Duffel Bag
The perfect sidekick to our C&N Camp Trunks, the Snap-On Duffel is specifically designed to snap onto your trunk making transportation super-convenient. We recommend using this Duffel for bulkier items that eat up space like pillows, blankets, and towels. If you would rather skip the duffel bag we suggest transporting bulkier items inside a laundry bag.

Glide & Go Tray
Keep your small camp supplies, toiletries, and stationery organized as well as easy-to-grab in our see-through Glide & Go Trays. These trays offer easy access to the rest of the trunk’s contents as well with a simple slide to one side or the other. Prevent toiletry spills from ruining your packed contents like clothing and keep them in a convenient Glide & Go Tray!

Trunk Accessories:

Customize Your Trunk!


What’s a footlocker without its skin? Personalize your own Lid Skinz cover exclusive to our trunk. The possibilities are limitless to top your footlocker! You choose from our abundant collection of colors, fonts, icons, backgrounds and even personalized text. It’s okay if you already have a footlocker—we’ll send your Lid Skinz with easy, step-by-step instructions so you can apply it yourself with the same care we would.

Basic Nameplate

The Basic Nameplate is a basic version of our One of a Kind Nameplate. You select your background color and personalize your text and we'll make the nameplate in our 1" x 3" size. The text will be printed in white Lithos font and you can have one or two lines. You get to place the nameplate where you'd like on your footlocker. Personalize your trunk today!