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Funky Flexi-Fan

Funky Flexi-Fan

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Bend, turn, snake, or loop this funky, flexible fan for just the right angle you need to stay cool. It’s small, portable, and more than safe with its funky foam blades. Use in the car, at the beach, or on your bunk at night, your funky friend will be convenient to clip on something in your surroundings.

If you're looking for more color options in this fan we are sorry. The manufacturer of this fan has discontinued the product and the only color we have is black.

  • Materials: Plastic and foam
  • Construction: Molded plastic
  • Weight: 2.9 oz
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Dimensions: 2"L x 3.5"W x 12"H
  • Blade Material : Foam
  • Blade Enclosure : None
  • Powered By : 2-AA batteries
  • Avg Run Time on New Batteries : 6.5 hours



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Funky Flexi-Fan
Pros: It is perfect because it is so flexible. Cons: With camp use the batteries run out.
Pros: Cute and easy to travel with. It clips to everything and is useful. Cons: My son wishes that it blew even more air than it does. Store Response: Thank you for your product review. We agree that it would be great to have a battery operated fan that blows more air, however it is very hard to balance that power with the life of the batteries.
Pros: This is a great little fan to clip on the bunk rail. My camper loves that this fan is flexible and she can direct it right on her face to keep her cool. I should have ordered two!
SO helpful
Pros: Very lightweight, portable, useful for many situations. We clip it on our music stands for outdoor concerts. Helps a great deal. Soft blades make it not dangerous.
great fan sleeping
Pros: quiet, worked well, kept mosquitoes off face while sleeping, easy to pack and store. Cons: used quite a few batteries in one weeks time. Comments: brought 4 for kids sleep away camp and it really helped at night to keep cool in those unairconditioned cabins


O2 Cool
O2 Cool, Battery Operated Portable Fans Logo header

      We got a chance to talk with Jason, the Inside Sales Coordinator from O2 Cool, in which we got the inside scoop on his time at summer camp as well as a little O2 Cool history. Founded in 1992, Linda M. Usher launched this company aiming to develop and market portable, battery-operated fans. Now, the ultimate leaders in the personal cooling industry, O2 Cool has established themselves as the trusted brand name when summer scorchers get to be too much to handle. Stay cool with O2 Cool cooling products!

      Fresh out of college—within his first year out of school—Jason found a job at O2 Cool! Having known other people who were already involved in the O2 Cool scene, it was a good opportunity for him. As Inside Sales Coordinator, he handles such tasks as maintaining detailed records, filing summary reports, the organization and development of documents, along with so much more.

Jason credits summer camp with giving him lasting memories and a handful of friendships that are still with him today!

      Our selection of O2 Cool Fans gives you three desktop fans to choose from as well as their two, most innovative handheld fans: the Water-Misting Fan as well as the Funki-Flexi Fan! We see how cool these fans are. And so do a lot of camps all across the country. Handling lots of company records, Jason assured us that there are a lot of camp accounts in the makeup of their customers.

      Speaking of camp… Jason was an avid camper for many years in his youth. He got his practice in at a number of different day camps when he was very little and then, around nine or ten years old, he started a five-year journey in which every year he returned to the beautiful North Woods of Wisconsin in Eagle River where he had the time of his life at Camp Menominee. Loving the camp life so much, he became a cabin leader for the summer after graduating from high school.

      Jason credits summer camp with giving him lasting memories and a handful of friendships that are still with him today! With a great passion for playing sports, Jason looks back and appreciates that feeling of being part of a team and confronting the competition.

      While no one camp memory stuck out to Jason, he said his favorite part about camp was simply that—“camp in general…the feeling of being with a large group of friends and realizing that everyone is unique. Cherish those times,” he went on, “and make good friends that you’ll stick with. Create as many memories as possible!”

      Let O2 Cool Fans perfect your camp memories with a cool breeze in the summer heat and bright, sunny days. Get the Deluxe Water Misting Fan for the most efficient way of cooling off. “I had them going to day camps when I was younger,” says Jason. “They’re great for a kid on a hot day!” We knew we had to offer fans as cool as these to our customers going to summer camp. Have a blast at camp and stay, well…COOL!

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