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Frogg Toggs Chilly Dana™ Cooling Bandana

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Frogg Toggs Chilly Dana™ Cooling Bandana

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Our heads tend to get hot on a summer scorcher, especially when participating in physical exertion. When you start to perspire, Chilly Dana puts out the fire! Keep cool with the Chilly Dana from frogg toggs. This cooling sports bandana is made of evaporative material that’s triggered to cool as you sweat! Excellent fashion meets awesome function! Stay cool and order your Chilly Dana right now! Size: 26" x 26" x 36 3/4"

  • Materials: Hyper-evaporate
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • What's Included: Cooling bandana and container
  • Care Instructions: Wash prior to first time use. Get bandana wet to activate. Do not place in dryer, avoid bleach
  • Dimensions: 26" x 26" x 36"
  • Sun Protective : UPF 50+ UV Protection



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frogg toggs rain gear logo header

      We hope for sunshine all throughout our camp stay, but the world around us can become a very wet place at the drop of a hat. No one knows this better than Alabamians—the folks from the wettest state in the country—especially in the month of April (because, you know, it’s the April showers that bring May flowers). And so, that’s exactly when and where frogg toggs began. Offering waterproof rain suits as well as fun camp accessories to help your camper stay cool and dry, we thought we’d get to know our friends from down south a little better.

      Making a name for themselves since 1996, frogg toggs has expanded their product line to a vast assortment of waterproof jackets, suits, footwear, and other accessories. So, after we voiced some curiosity in the history of frogg toggs, we got word back from their Director of Marketing, Will, who answered some questions for us about the company and how he came to play a part in the frogg togg cog.

"Summer showers are a reality of life"

      Will worked as a sales associate in outdoor retail while going to school at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. “frogg toggs was the best opportunity out of school to stick with a market and customer-base that I understood,” said Will. “With frogg toggs, I could grow with the company and know that I had a hand in what it would become.”

      The undisputed leader in lightweight and breathable rainwear, frogg toggs has certainly proven themselves with

their children’s gear. Creating such amazingly effective waterproof suits—marrying a weightless and delicate waterproof fabric with the rough and rugged lifestyle of summer camp—must have been quite an accomplishment that borders on impossible!

So how do they do it?

      While summer camp may not have had anything to do with the creation of the business, frogg toggs is sure to go directly to the source in order to produce gear that is most suitable for summer campers. Having worked closely with the Boy Scouts of America throughout the product development process for their Ultralite Rainsuit, this gear is sure to meet the needs of your camper. “It is this product that many Boy Scouts rely on for their extended hike and camp activities,” Will told us.

      “Summer showers are a reality of life,” says Will. “Campers can be prepared with this affordable, lightweight, waterproof, and breathable rainwear.” Of course, frogg toggs’ kid-friendly Ultralight products are made from 100% polypropylene and are constructed without the use of any harmful chemicals.

      Perfect products for summer camp preparedness, the frogg toggs Youth Polly Wogg Rain Suit and the Ultra-Lite2 Rain Suit along with the awesome cooling frogg togg accessories were all must-haves for our rain gear selection at Everything Summer Camp. The pleasure is all ours, working with this chief of the raingear industry. We’re proud to carry such quality gear as what you see with the frogg toggs brand.

frogg toggs rain gear footer

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