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Camp 101: Select A Camp

What Does Summer Camp Accreditation Mean?

Deciding on the best summer camp program for your child is a difficult one. You want to choose a program that is of the highest quality, well-maintained and provides a safe and healthy environment. One of the best ways to do that is to choose a summer camp that is an ACA-Accredited Camp which means that the camp has completed a review of more than 300 standards, including staff qualifications, training, and emergency management. American Camp Association Accreditation also goes beyond state licensing more

How Summer Camp Can Prepare Your Child for College

New places, new people, new fears. All these phrases can be used to describe the first day of college. The feeling of moving on and forward can be exciting but can also be nerve wracking and in some cases downright terrifying. By attending summer camp, children learn how to persevere through problems. They learn how to make mistakes and how to come back from those mistakes on the other side stronger and better for it. By powering through their mistakes at camp, children learn how to pull through in difficult situations later on while attending more

5 Reasons to Go to Summer Camp

There are tons of reasons kids go to summer camp. The most obvious one kids will tell you is because camp is awesome! On top of that, kids will share a myriad of reasons on why they enjoy the summer camp experience. However, while summer campers can give you a million and one reasons on why they go, all their reasons can fit under one of these five definitive and all-encompassing reasons to go to summer more

How Far is Too Far?

All parents want their children to get the most out of the camp experience when they send them off for the summer. And choosing the right camp has a lot to do with it. With no shortage of camps to look into, it may be difficult to know where to jump in. A good way to start is to consider what location will be best. Where do you want to send your camper?—geographically speaking. You’ll need to sit down with your child to go over the choices and gauge which option seems more