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Camp 101: Camping Gear 101

Sleeping Bag Comparison Guide

The sleeping bag you choose can end up making or breaking your camping trip. Everything Summer Camp offers a selection of sleeping bags with a large price range for every budget and every function, from indoor sleepovers to outdoor camping trips. The European Norm ("EN") ratings on sleeping bags are an internationally accepted standard and include two temperature more

Uses for Your Trunk When Camp is Over

It's a sometimes cumbersome, but unquestionably essential, element of summer camp: Large camping trunks are a vital way for kids to keep things organized when they are away from home. But once summer camp is over, they--and you--are stuck with a bulky piece of furniture whose function is not the same as it was during those days and nights at sleepaway camp. But that doesn't mean that those summer camping trunks have to now be considered a white elephant taking up space in your kid's room at more

Cot Size Mattress vs. Twin Size Mattress

Sleeping accommodations at summer camp can vary, and that means the size of the bed your kids will be occupying for several weeks while sleeping away from home might not be consistent. They might end up in either a cot size bed or a twin size bed. Cot size bed sizes can vary depending to the cot manufacturer. Everything Summer Camp has bedding accessories that will conform to both cot size and twin size more

Beyond Raincoats: Rain Pants and Rainsuits

Raincoats and umbrellas may be fine for a light spring storm, but what do you do when the weather turns wicked and your forecast calls for extended time outdoors? You order rain pants or rain suits from Everything Summer Camp and beat the wet weather in style and comfort. Rain pants and rain suits are designed to provide more protection than a standard raincoat or umbrella, keeping clothing dry and the wearer more

Trail Shoes vs. Sneakers

Think that trail shoes are the same as sneakers? Think again. If you’re planning on venturing outside and hitting a trail, you need the right footwear and unfortunately, your favorite sneakers probably aren’t going to cut it. Trail shoes and sneakers might look similar on the outside, but they have some very different features that optimize each one for different uses. That’s why it’s important to have the right shoes for the right more

SPF 101: How Strong Should My Sunblock Be?

There is no doubt that sunblock is essential if you’re planning on being in the sun for an extended period of time. But the different numbers and SPF ratings on all of the bottles can get so confusing. They can range from SPF 2 all the way up to 100+. How is anyone supposed to know which strength is best for them? Is there a sunscreen class that we all missed in school? Here’s the more

Buzz Off! Different Types of Insect Repellents, Explained

Protecting yourself and your children from biting insects such as mosquitos and ticks has only become more important in recent years. There are a variety of different insect repellants out there, but have you ever stopped and wondered what the difference is between them? You may have a favorite but do you know how it stacks up against other products on the market? Here is a summary of some of the most popular bug spray more

First Aid Essentials: How to Properly Stock Your Kit

Whether you’re planning a camping trip or just living your day-to-day life, you need to have a first aid kit ready in case of an emergency. Here are some of the essentials that you need to include when putting together your own first aid more

Camp Gear That'll Make Time Outdoors Easier

There's a reason that camping in the great outdoors is referred to as "roughing it." Even in the most favorable of circumstances, camping still lacks the creature comforts we take for granted when we live indoors. But the right camp gear can certainly facilitate extended time spent outdoors, making it more enjoyable so you don't have to spend as much time grappling with what's missing, and you can spend more time enjoying all the great things about camping more

Water Shoes – The Shoe You Didn't Know You Needed

If you are planning to partake in any water activity, whether it is swimming, boating, paddle sports, or hiking near a stream or brook, conventional everyday shoes just won't do. You're going to need some footwear that can handle exposure to dampness, moisture, or out and out saturation. Water shoes can provide a level of both traction and safety that regular shoes are not equipped to more

Repurposing Summer Camp Storage for Your Dorm

Just like at sleepaway camp, storage in a college dormitory must take up the least amount of space possible. If you own storage items that you have used, or plan to use, at summer camp, many of those items can be saved after camp is over and then repurposed in the years ahead in a dorm room. The use of multi-functional furniture, such as a chest that can double as a coffee table or a bed with built-in storage, can cut down on the amount of clutter in a small more

Horsing Around: Equestrian Camp Essentials

Your child must have an aptitude for the equestrian. Or maybe you're sending your kid to develop those skills from scratch. Whether your camper is new to horseback, or a seasoned rider hoping to get competition ready, there are essentials that you should pack in that footlocker for a galloping-good more

Take a Hike! We've Got Your Kids' Hiking Gear

Heading to the trails this summer for camp? Extra gear will help your hiker keep moving on the field, trail, and beyond. Here at we have you covered for the everyday essentials such as personal care items, bedding, clothing, and all that. Pack for the time your kid will be at home base and then pack additional items for time on the more

Gone Fishing: Kid's Fishing Essentials

If you're sending your kid off to camp, you can certainly go overboard on supplies. Here at Everything Summer Camp we can help you reel it in by showing you the essentials. Are you sending your kid to a fishing summer camp? Or do you expect a few fishing outings at a more general summer camp? For a serious fishing camp, you might want to get more serious more

Take a Seat: The Magic of Camp Chairs

Going to summer camp can be an uncomfortable experience, especially for the first-time camper. But there is a way to easily provide a bit of extra comfort to any camper, whether rookie or veteran. Whether sitting around a roaring campfire toasting marshmallows or roughing it in on a wilderness trip, having a good camp chair will boost your child or children’s comfort more

Lock it Up: Essential Locks and Safes for Summer Camp

Imploring your child to "keep safe" at summer camp really has more than one meaning. In addition to the obvious concern about your child's safety and well-being when he or she is away from home for an extended period, the statement could also refer to the importance of keeping a safe to pack away important belongings and valuables while kids are at camp. In order to make sure that your kids return home from camp with everything that they left home with days or weeks earlier, it's important to equip them with safes for storage and locks to keep valuables in a secure more

Make a Splash! Best Swim Gear for Camp

Few things go together as well as swimming and summer camp. Whether your favorite camp has its own swimming pool or sends the kids to a nice, cool lake, the kids need the best gear for swimming when they’re heading to summer camp. We at Everything Summer Camp have put together our list of the five must have pieces of swimming gear that are both practical as well as more

Top Tennis Camp Items

Sending your child to tennis camp in the summer is a great idea. Not only will the child receive plenty of exercise and good instruction, but he or she should have a lot of fun. What you may find though, is that your child may be a little bit nervous about attending camp, feeling a little pressure about playing well. One way to give your youngster a shot of confidence is by sending some new gear to camp with them. We at Everything Summer Camp have put together a list of the four top tennis camp items to pack and send with your child so he or she can ace the camp more

Summer Camp Backpack Guide

Looks like you’re looking for a backpack! Maybe your camper’s heading off for a rough and rugged, multi-day hike and sleeping-under-the-stars sort of camp experience. Or they might be heading to a camp that doesn’t spare much in the way of comfort. Therefore, the right backpack for your camper depends greatly on the kind of camp they’ll be attending. There are three main categories of backpacks: school/daypacks; backpacks with internal frames; and backpacks with external more

Decorate Your Cabin With Custom Floor Mats

One easy way to bring comfort and tidiness into your new environment is to invest in a quality floor mat for your cabin space. Here at Everything Summer Camp, we proudly carry an extensive selection of floor mats available to order right here in our online store. Made from the industry's highest quality materials, our floor mats are also customizable — which means you can choose to add text that's totally your own! Read on to learn more about our floor mats, and order yours from our team more

Wool Blankets Perfect for the Campfire or Fireplace

When we think about summer camp, we typically imagine warm weather, sunshine and blue skies. While this a common climate during the daytime for most summer camps, the weather usually gets considerably chillier after sundown. When preparing for summer camp, it's important to pack a blanket or two that will keep you warm in bed or out by the fire. For warmth and all-weather protection, there is no better choice than a wool blanket. Below, you'll find our suggestions for wool blankets perfect for the bed, campfire, or more