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Woolrich Beach Towel

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Item# 11019-WBT


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Jumping in the middle of summer fun, Everything Summer Camp is happy to introduce these blissful Beach Towels from Woolrich! Staying true to their famous Woolrich look and lush cotton feel, this Reversible Beach Towel is woven with durable selvedge edges that do not fray or unravel. Enjoy your summer fun on a soft Woolrich Beach Towel!

  • Materials: 100% Cotton
  • Construction: One Side Terry, One Side Velour
  • Weight: 14.75 oz
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Dimensions: 40" x 70"
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Woolrich logo over plaid

     Thrilled to offer blankets from the same company that covered soldiers in the Civil War on our website, we thought we might give our customers a little history about this very historical company. Woolrich has been doing business since 1830! They're one of the oldest American family-owned businesses! It's hard not to be curious about a company that's seen so much: the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, The Great Depression, both World Wars, the Cold War, the Space Race, the emergence of the Digital Age, the list goes on.

This company pre-dates me by 150 years and most likely pre-dates summer camp by close to a century.

     To quench our curiosity we asked Nick, the president of Woolrich, for some inside perspective about this extremely old outfit. "I have been with the company for over a decade now," Nick told us, "This company pre-dates me by 150 years and most likely pre-dates summer camp by close to a century."

     He say's, "While Woolrich was around long before summer camp, the inspiration behind the company was to create a product for the local settlers and woodsman in Central Pennsylvania to help them survive in the outdoors. Over time, Woolrich has always catered to those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle and are looking for functional and quality goods." In other words, this is a company that was mad for adventure-seekers like you. "Our products are beneficial for anyone who enjoys the outdoors," he says.

     And speaking of enjoying the outdoors...
Nick was a sucker for summer camp the moment he got there.

      "Summer camp was very influential for me growing up. I went to a camp in North Carolina where I stayed for six weeks every summer. From kayaking to rock climbing to overnight camping trips to just playing ping pong with my buddies I was totally in my element at summer camp."

"I think my experience at summer camp growing up really helped foster a passion for the outdoors," says Nick. "Most importantly, I learned a lot about myself and how to depend on yourself in an outdoor environment. Spending a week in the woods was always a great reprieve from life in a city. The encouragement to explore and experience the outdoors through different activities really left a lasting inmpression and was very influential in the development of my passion for the outdoors."

     Of all his camp encounters and happenings, he remembers most having won the Ironman triathalon which involved the two lakes, biking a two-mile mountain down and back up, and a five-mile mountain ridge run. "There were only...10 entrants," Nick said. "I didn't think I would win and somehow came out the victor."

     It's clear to see that Nick is, as he says, " passionate as ever about the brand." And it's certainly an honor for Everything Summer Camp to be able to offer such quality production from such a quality brand. "Woolrich has prided itself in creating quality durable goods for close to two centuries," Nick tells us. "When we design our product our goal is to make a functional item that will last and help you be comfortable both indoors and out," he says. "Hopefully, our product will help you enjoy your next visit to camp!"

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