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Camp Games

You'll love our fun camp and travel games including board games, card games, and more. Of course, we have a variety of fun camp and travel games at Everything Summer Camp.

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Roll-up Magnetic Darts

$19.99  $18.00

Backpack Table Tennis

$29.99  $27.00

Freestyle Bocce Ball Set

$29.99  $27.00

Backpack Tumbling Towers

$14.99  $13.50

Backpack Cribbage

$14.99  $13.50

Backpack Bocce Ball Set

$14.99  $13.50

Freestyle Horseshoes

$34.99  $31.50

Emoticons Activity Book

$8.99  $8.10

Games 2 Go Activity Book

$8.99  $8.10

Kids Charades

$9.99  $9.00

M&D Suspend

$16.99  $15.30

Mindtrap™ Brain Cramp!

$8.99  $8.10

Deck of Cards

$2.99  $2.70

Keychain Games

$6.99  $6.30

Camp Talk Cards

$7.99  $7.20

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Having a good time with new friends is what summer camp is all about—in fact, it’s the number one priority there! You’re free to be yourself at camp, so it’s really easy to make new friends. Bust out some Camp Games and make it even easier. Camp Games get a group of campers organized and create a relaxed, interactive environment that breaks the ice a little, strikes up conversation, and provides you with some laughs. From old-fashioned classics to awesome, new games like Camp Talk—which was made for kids BY kids—you’ll be making camp friends in no time! Making friends at camp is proven to be essential to the personal growth and boost in confidence that only summer camp can deliver. If summer camp is a ways away and means some serious travel time, you might want to bring some entertainment for the road as well. Luckily, our selection of Camp Games for kids includes Activity Books so you can have fun playing Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots, Hangman, and more for a long car ride to or from camp. Enjoy your camp stay and be sure to bring some Camp Games along to get the ball rolling and help you make new friends!