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Select from a wide variety of toiletries here at Everything Summer Camp. You can pick and choose what you need below, or just buy one of our full toiletry kits for boys or girls - these are perfect for any kid that is heading off to summer camp this year.

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Before you finish helping your kid get packed for a summer camp adventure, it's essential to send your child on his or her way with all of the essential toiletries. Everything Summer Camp offers a complete selection of toiletries that no trip to sleepaway camp would be complete without. Toothbrushes, soap, pack-up cups, combs, hair brushes, mirrors, sanitizers, and first aid kits should be a part of every kid's list of everyday bunk stuff they'll need while away at camp. The Trek I Deluxe First Aid Kit comes with 23 items packed in a lightweight nylon case, so the minor scrapes and cuts that might not require major medical attention, but which still need to be tended to, can be taken care of in a quick and completely sanitary manner.