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Princeton Tec

Princeton Tec is the company that cares, supporting their outdoor community of New Jersey. They’re a leading brand in lighting products for those who need their environment well-lit. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, exploring, or just hanging out in the backyard, you can count on Princeton Tec products to provide the light you’ll need. They spend whole days or even longer in their testing labs, especially the best testing lab there is: the great outdoors. Whether it means scaling mountains or walking the ocean floor, Princeton Tec is unafraid to travel the planet to attain the best possible methods of brightening different settings and locations. From their conventional, handheld flashlight to their awesome hands-free headlamps, these lights are sure to help make the most out of your time outside during your summer camp stay!

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Princeton Tec Bot Headlamp

$17.99  $16.20

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