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Wall Pops® Peel & Stick Peace Sign Dry Erase Message Board

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Far out! Decorate your trunk with this groovy peel & stick Dry Erase Message Board from Wall Pops! Leave you or your friends messages or fun drawings and simply erase them when you're done. There is no limit to your creativity!

  • Materials: Vinyl
  • Weight: 4 oz
  • Additional Details: Self Adhesive and removable
  • What's Included: Dry Erase Board and Marker
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Dimensions: 18" x 13"
  • Removable : yes
  • Reusable : yes
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Wall Pops
wall pops decals logo header

      From Nameplates to Lid Skinz and everything in between, campers love dressing up a camp trunk to make it even more ‘their own’! That’s where Wall Pops comes in. Featuring removable Wall Decals and other fancy décor for footlocker trunks, Wall Pops is one fun company to know. So much fun, in fact, that we wanted to get to know them better. And we want you to get to know them better too. So we got in contact with Nancy, a designer in the Wall Pops studio. She works on the artwork to create new products for this poppin’ brand.

      Founded in 2006, Wall Pops is really just a brand name within a fifth-generation family business called Brewster Home Fashions which saw its own beginnings back in 1935. This company was and continues to be one made of “home décor enthusiasts,” as Nancy puts it. “We love color and pattern and making a space special, making it beautiful,” she told us. “We travel the globe studying design trends and finding inspiration for new collections.”

"But I quickly learned that new experiences were one of the best parts about camp"

      Their hard work and strong efforts are never wasted. “We have a whole line of peel and stick wall art,” says Nancy. “Perfect for decorating a temporary space because it’s easy to remove without damaging the walls.” Rest assured, this crew knows what’s cool at summer camp because they were once there themselves. “To many of us, camp is like a home away from home,” Nancy tells us.

But what about Nancy…?

      She was the happiest camper of them all! “Growing up, I participated in a variety of different summer programs and camps,” she told us. She couldn’t get enough! “Every summer, I went to various day camps, sports camps, religious camps, as well as academic programs.

      Growing up an only child, camp was one of my favorite parts of childhood. As a relief from the academic focus of the school year, camp allowed me to focus on growing other parts of my ‘whole person’ by introducing me to new friends and exposing me to new situations. The experiences I gained definitely shaped who I am today,” she said.

      Nancy has many happy memories of her days at camp, like the counselor who made a tradition out of singing a song every night before ‘lights out’. “It was the first time I heard personal favorites such as Ben Fold’s ‘The Luckiest’ and Dar William’s ‘The Babysitter Here’,” she said. But the memory that sticks with her the most came from her stay at the New England Music Camp in Sidney, Maine.

      “New England Music Camp was the first sleep-away camp I’ve ever been to…the first time I was away from home,” Nancy had told us. “There were dedicated and achieved teachers who lead band, wind ensembles, orchestras, and choirs…. I played the clarinet, and I was used to being the ‘first chair’ in my home school district.” But when the camp divided their band musicians into two groups based on skill level and Nancy was selected for the second best band group, she was incredibly disappointed.

      “It was a great blow to me at first,” she told us. “But I quickly learned that new experiences were one of the best parts about camp. Being exposed to people so passionate about their craft left a lasting impression on me that I applied to other areas of my life. Although I did not choose music as part of my career path, many of the experiences I gained at camp applied when I went to college years later.”

      C&N Camp Trunks and Wall Pops alike are just as perfect at college as they are at summer camp. “Our dry-erase decals, including calendars and message boards, are a fun way to leave notes, play games, and keep track of activities in a schedule. Happy times are ahead at camp,” says Nancy. “Enjoy yourself!” Take it from a camp lover like Nancy, your camper is bound to have a blast at camp. The moment we saw them, we knew we wanted to make Wall Pops available as the icing on the cake that is your camper’s camp trunk!

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