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Outback miniMongo+ LED Flashlight

Outback miniMongo+ LED Flashlight

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It’s true what they say—big things really do come in small packages! Small enough to fit inside your pocket, the miniMongo+ certainly is compact. But don’t let its small size fool you. This little light isn’t jokin’ around! It’ll blast 300 Lumens of light over 150 yards without breaking a sweat. Shine this little light into the night to brighten it like you never have before! Durable and water-resistant, the miniMongo+ is ready for anything that the summer camp lifestyle might throw its way.

  • Materials: steel
  • Weight: 8.2 oz
  • What's Included: 2 AA Batteries
  • Care Instructions: Wipe clean, turn off when not in use to conserve battery life.
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Warranty: Manufacturers warranty against defects or failure.
  • Dimensions: 6.9" x 1.3"
  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Bulb Detail : 5W Cree LED
  • Beam Type : 360 Degree Refraction Focused Beam
  • Max Output in Lumens : 300
  • Max Beam Distance : 150+ Yards
  • Strobe Feature : No
  • Powered By : (2) AA Batteries
  • Batteries Included : Yes



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Silhouette of people and trees with flashlight and Outback Flashlights logo

      Eager to shine a little light on an excellent flashlight supplier of ours, Outback Flashlights makes our flashlight selection mighty with the miniMongo. Small enough to fit inside your pocket, this little thing still manages to blast 160 Lumens of light over 150 yards into the dark to brighten the night like you’ve never seen before! So we asked about their business and inquired about any good camp stories they might have over there. We were thrilled to get word back from President and Owner of Outback Flashlights, Wayne!

As we worked our way through the meadow we could hear rustling noises on either side of us...

      Wayne shared a brief history of his business with us as well as his fondest camping memory. “I have lots of stories about scout camp,” he told us. “Scout camp is responsible for shaping much of my love for the outdoors, appreciation for nature, competence in lots of outdoor skills…and the desire to serve the youth in our community.” We’ll backtrack for more camp talk in a minute, but first, let’s learn some more about the Outback brand.

      Founded in the fall of 2006, Wayne describes the start of his company as a “Happy coincidence.” It all started when his two business partners, Brent and Lynzi, approached him with the idea to introduce custom design flashlights—“Something we found we could do that wasn’t being done in the marketplace,” He first got involved for his operational and organizational skills, but “Since starting the company, I have discovered a love for the creative side of the business and am responsible for our product development,” Wayne said.

      But, back to talking camp…
From his many years as a Scout and later as a Scout leader, Wayne has a plethora of great memories. He sifted through them and gave us a rather recent one as he is still involved in the Scout world today. The story begins with Wayne and his brother on a hike at dusk—on their way to replace two scout leaders who were leaving the next morning. The two had a long way to go and weren’t able to leave work until late that night.

      They embarked upon their nine-mile journey, entering at the base of King’s Peak in the Uinta Mountains of northern Utah. “We had the most amazing time hiking under the stars,” Wayne told us. “The camp was about a mile into the valley on the other side of a creek that meanders through a wide meadow. As we worked our way through the meadow we could hear rustling noises on either side of us but when we looked around we could only see brush.” So you can be sure that they were making good use of their Outback Headlamps at this point!

      Curious, they pressed on, rounding a bend in the creek till the meadow opened and they discovered the source of the rustlings they’d heard. “Several moose were scattered around us lazily feeding,” Wayne said. “We…froze in our tracks…hopeful we would not be charged by a protective mother. We thought the best thing would be to stand still for a bit and let them catch our scent which would likely send them running. No luck. After about 20 minutes we decided to slowly move across the meadow to the camp and that’s when we spotted the bull!

      Not wanting to take a chance with his protective instincts, we backed up and took a different route across the valley and—this is the part that is so memorable for me—we walked within 20 feet or so of 14 separate cows that were mostly nestled into a sleeping spot and some standing. None of the cows were spooked but instead casually watched us walk by. We made it to the camp, set up our tents and tried to sleep but, after our ‘stroll’ with the moose, we were too excited and talked until finally dozing off just before the sun came up.”

      With such awe-inspiring experiences as that, Wayne doesn’t need to work too hard at encouraging an outdoorsy lifestyle for his son. Youthful campers are always considered in Outback Flashlights product development, creating lightweight and convenient products. “Our flashlights are designed and built around a passion for functionality and quality,” Wayne says. “We take our products seriously but not ourselves…family comes first and we believe that if we’re not having fun we’re doing something wrong, so we focus on fixing it.”

      Big things really do come in small packages and the MiniMongo is the flashlight that proves it. It’s lightweight and water-resistant too making it a very smart selection for a camp stay—which is, of course, exactly why you find it available on our online shop of assorted, quality camping gear!

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