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Mad Libs

The undeniably brilliant, classic, fill-in-the-________ word game—Mad Libs turn simple stories into hysterical riots by replacing random parts-of-speech with a different, random noun, verb, adjective, etc. Perfect fun around a campfire or hanging out in the cabin before ‘lights out’, Mad Libs were created one fateful night back in 1953. Co-creator, Leonard Stern was looking for the right adjective in a script he’d been writing. He struggled for half an hour, searching for this elusive word until his best friend Roger Price walked in. Leonard told his friend about his fruitless attempts for the last half-hour to find this specific adjective. When asked for help, Roger blurted out “Clumsy and naked” which rang true as (incorrect, but nevertheless) hilarious description for somebody’s nose—as Leonard’s script had been calling for. Leonard and Roger immediately left the script to spend the rest of their night writing short, little stories with key words left out. Find awesome camp-themed Mad Libs and other fun ones right here!

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Camp Daze Mad Libs

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