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Artline Laundry Marker

Item# ArtLine


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Everything needs to be labeled for summer camp! Whether it is school, sports or summer camp, how many articles of clothing have your children lost over the years? The amount could probably fill a closet and then some. Besides making your kids less forgetful, what can you do? Put their name on it! With the Artline Laundry Marker from Everything Summer Camp, you can put their name on it. You can label everything from socks to underwear to shoes with this convenient laundry marker. The Artline Marker can be used on any type of clothing including shoes! And it’s permanent. Their name will endure even through washings. The Artline Laundry Marker works on fabric and other synthetics. Now, the laundry marker won’t help them put the shirt back in the bag, but it will help the clothes to find its way back home thanks to the wonder of lost and found. Label your child’s clothing, uniforms, sports equipment, and more with the Artline Laundry Marker.

  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum
  • Weight: .2 oz
  • Best Use: Labeling light colored clothing
  • Country of Origin: MY
  • Dimensions: 5"L x .687"W x .438"H
  • Quantity in Package : 1
  • Can Be Applied To : Any Textiles
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Great product!
Pros: This product was great for labeling shoes, towels, and other items for camp. It was easy to use and dried quickly. Comments: On items that I couldn't write on the fabric like towels I wrote on the tags, it worked great for both
Laundry Marker
Pros: Its good to write names on clothes instead of using a Sharpie. Itsall good for camp because then people cant steal your clothes because they have your name on them! It doesnt come out. Cons: NONE! Comments: PERFECT FOR CAMP!
Quick and Effective
Pros: Great price and colors. The markers really withstand washing. Cons: None.
Jerry Krinock
Life is great since we started marking our socks
Mark the toes of your socks, so that when they are folded up into pairs, the marking will stick out. These markers are too sharp to "push" into soft cotton without getting stuck, so you should "pull" when writing. I recommend using one of two marks: "X" and "=", for two different people. "O" would be hard to do. With 3 colors of markers you can therefore get 6 different marks for 6 people. Have washed socks twice so far and no fading is visible.
Mom of Camper B
thin tip marker works great for labeling camper's clothes
Some camp items were not suited to the iron-on labels, so I used this pen for lots of items. I really liked the fine point tip. I could write in small spaces and it didn't smear. also, I was pleased that the ink did not 'soak-up' and get distorted. It was very clear. Very glad I got this, especially since my 48 name labels went way too fast!