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Spider Web Storage Trunk - 32x18x13.5"

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Item# CN-DT-1104-HWN-SPW




The dangling, spinning, catching, arachnid-ness of this trunk will have you crawling out of your skin! Be quick when you go in this trunk and don’t let any of the poisonous ones get you! The same size as our less chilling Happy Camper, the Spider Web Trunk is strong as spider silk—built like the Happy Camper too with tough birch plywood. This dreadful, high-definition print is embedded directly onto the durable aluminum surface of the trunk. Given wide handles, these trunks are made easier to grip and carry. A Glide & Go Tray is helpful too for keeping your smaller Halloween items organized and easily accessible. Don’t get bit!

  • Materials: Plastic, Paper, Plywood, Nickel, Zinc
  • Construction: 3/8"Birch Plywood construction with hi-def laminate exterior , nickel plated trim and hardware attached with
    screws, inside wrapped with Durawrap Liner, and two plastic tray rails.
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • What's Included: Footlocker & Rails for tray
  • Care Instructions: Clean with mild soap and warm water
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Warranty: C&N Lifetime Free Repair Warranty
  • Dimensions: 32"L x 18"W x 13.5"H
  • Finish : Semi-gloss
  • Hardware : Nickel-Plated
  • Wheels : Sold Separately
  • Handles : Yes
  • Cubic Feet/Inches of Storage : 3.8 cu ft
  • Linear Measurement : 63.5"

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