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Great Titles

Backpack Bibles, summer camp prep advice, and more.

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The Summer Camp Handbook

$14.99  $13.50

The Safety Pin

$14.99  $13.50

Bat in the Bunk

$14.99  $13.50

Essential Survival Skills

$14.95  $13.46

Vampire Academy

$8.99  $8.10

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Our Great Titles Department is chockfull of summer camp books with amazing information, tips, and advice about how best to send your kid off for their stay at summer camp. Are you unsure if you’re sending your kid to camp right—or whether you should be at all? Expert answers and advice from Dr. Chris Thurber and Dr. Jon Malinowski lie within ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, offering invaluable guidance in all kinds of topics like how to select the right camp, how to pack efficiently, how to avoid homesickness, and reasons for kids to go to camp in the first place! There are also fun storybooks for kids who are too young for camp just yet. Introducing them to the summer camp lifestyle, however, helps them develop an interest in being a part of it some day. Take in our Great Titles Department and cover all the bases when you send your kid to camp!