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Flip Flops Sandals

Everything Summer Camp's got a great selection of flip flop sandals including shower shoes and kids flip flops. Find it all right here.

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Whether this is your child’s first trip to summer camp or his or her tenth, moms and dads know how important it is to pack the essentials. It simply wouldn’t be summer without a pair of flip flops. They are vital for heading to the pool, lake, water park, you name it. It’s also important to have more than one pair around. Kids are kids and flip flops do seem to wander away.

So, stock up on flip flops at Everything Summer Camp. If your child prefers sandals, you’ll find a great selection of those too. All of the sandals offer excellent treads and can get wet too. Kids and parents will love the color and style choices as well.

Now, don’t forget the shower shoes. Summer camp is one of those places that you really don’t want kids to bring home something that will make its rounds through the family. Keep the feet protected with inexpensive shower shoes. They’re ideal for camp as well as locker room use. Toss them when camp is over. Happy summer!