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Keep the light and find the best flashlights. Here at Everything Summer Camp, we offer LED flashlights, head lamps, and more.

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Blackfire® LED Clamplight

$23.99  $15.12

Princeton Tec Sync Headlamp

$29.99  $22.50

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Summer camping and being close to nature is a wonderful experience for children, but at night with few lights, it might be a little scary. With today’s innovative summer camp flashlights, that’s no longer the case! What’s the best flashlight for summer camp? No doubt, it’s one that is long-lasting, seldom requires battery changes, compact, and durable. We have several different designs to meet these requirements. An LED summer camp flashlight uses the latest technology for a very bright light. They’re also energy efficient. You’ll find waterproof and even floatable models. LED lightsticks are a flashlight, lantern, and glowstick all in one, both for illumination and camping fun. They’re all small and lightweight.

For a flashlight for camping that offers hands-free operation, check out the LED headlamps. These handy flashlights are worn around the head like a headband, providing ample light without having to drop what you’re doing. You’ll also find mini lantern and spotlight combinations and the crank LED lantern, which can be charged in various ways for an extremely flexible rechargeable light source that’s perfect for camping.

At Everything Summer Camp, you’ll find everything you need for a fun, safe and comfortable camping experience. Plus, you’ll appreciate our low prices, fast shipping and personalized customer service.