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Camp Clothes Line Kit



One great part about summer is clothes drying on the line outside instead of a tumbling machine. This Camp Clothes Line Kit gives you all the gear to dry your clothes outdoors or indoors in limited spaces. With this Camp Clothes Line Kit, you can dry your washed clothes anywhere. Just find a place to set up the Reel for your clothesline. A brass hook on either side of the line lets you take advantage of hooks or vantage points in walls, on trees, or elsewhere to hang your clothesline. To hang your clothes, the set includes 24 brightly-colored clothespins to secure your garments from a wind gust, or clumsy roommates. The set also includes a mesh bag that can be used to carry your set as well as enclose delicates for machine washing when you have the luxury of sending your clothes to the Laundromat. The kit is great for quick washes, so you can rinse and clean clothes for the next day's activities. It can also be used to air out clothes, even if they're not being washed. Enjoy the fresh scent of your clothes when they’re sun-dried and order your Camp Clothes Line Kit today!

  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Additional Details: Plastic clothes pins and a 21" nylon laundry line which includes two brass hooks for easy attachment
  • What's Included: Mesh carrying bag, 24 clothes pins, and 1 21" lanudry reel
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