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Top 10 Most Forgotten Items When Packing for Camp

Summer camp prepping is extremely exciting. It can be so exciting that we overlook some of the most important items when we’re packing up. It’s understandable—in our minds, we're elsewhere! We’re not focused on packing for camp. We’re already there! Here’s a helpful list of the ten most frequently forgotten items so your children are sure to pack everything they’ll need for their summer camp more

First Time At Camp: How to Prepare Your Child

Research shows children reap emotional, social, and physical benefits from attending summer camp. So as a parent, you can give your children two gifts. The first is to send them to camp, and the second is to prepare them for it so they are more likely to have the best possible experience. The thought of sending a child away overnight for the first time can cause panic for both you and your child, but you can lessen the anxiety by following a few more

How to Prevent Homesickness at Camp

Homesickness is perfectly normal and most kids that attend a sleep away camp for two weeks or more typically experience at least a couple days of it. However, when homesickness interferes with interacting with others, sleeping, eating, and having fun, then it is problematic. Studies have shown that the secret to preventing homesickness is actually begins at home long before the first day of more

How to Prevent Over Packing for Camp

For many kids and parents, sleepaway summer camp is an annual rite. But even families who profess to "know the drill" get caught in the vortex of packing too much. How can you avoid the scourge of over-packing for camp? Kids do not usually have an abundance of space to keep their stuff at camp, so a less-is-more approach here can be more

What Are Color Wars?

The idea of your child becoming part of a warring faction at summer camp may initially sound kind of off-putting, until you realize that color wars are a camp staple and a fun activity that almost all kids look forward to. Camp is split into two teams of different colors that compete in both athletic and non-athletic activities, usually for a week or so. Then points are added up, and there is a more

Will My Child be Safe at Camp?

The personal relationships that form between your child and the camp staff are typically wonderful. They are what kids remember most about camp and what they crave during the off-season. These relationships are also the necessary foundation for growth. Without those caring relationships, there can be no increased self-esteem or independence, no growth in social-skills or confidence. The key to a positive experience at camp is a healthy, nurturing relationship between children and their caregivers at more

Everything You Can Fit in Your Summer Camp Trunk

When your little ones are getting ready to go off to summer camp, you want to be prepared. After all, that’s the Boy Scouts’ motto, right? Although your summer camp may give you a list of things to bring, some don’t provide any help, while others may leave out crucial items. To avoid any sad letters, emails, or text messages home, here are a few tips from Everything Summer Camp for everything you can fit in your summer camp more