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5 Ways to Stay Organized at Summer Camp

Imagine your child is at summer camp and it’s time for the long hike into the woods. The sunscreen and insect repellent are somewhere, but he just can’t find them among the pile of clothes in the bag or on the floor. All the other kids are walking toward the trailhead. It’s time to go, so he leaves without it and when the counselor asks whether everybody remembered to put on sunscreen and insect repellent, he is too embarrassed to do anything other than stay silent. Your child will be more likely to enjoy his summer camp experience and you’ll feel much better about it if you help him or her avoid situations like this by staying organized during the time away from home. Here are five ways to do more

Why You Should Work at a Summer Camp

At Everything Summer Camp, we believe the best job in the world is to work at a summer camp. The reasons to be a camp counselor are endless. In fact, it would be much easier to make a list of reasons NOT to be a counselor as that list would be very short! Working at a summer camp gives you the opportunity to relive your own childhood (or recreate it, if you never got to go to camp yourself). You get to be a little kid all over more

How to Get a Good Night's Sleep at Summer Camp

Some kids can sleep through anything. Parents who are blessed to have such deep sleepers can count on their children to fall asleep easily and sleep through the night like clockwork. But, for other kids, changes in their environment and surroundings can have an impact on how well they sleep each night. For many kids, the biggest adjustment to "sleepaway" camp is embodied in the first part of that word: Sleep. For lots of kids, being away from home means having trouble more

Storage Tips for When Space is Tight

Summer camp lasts a long time. Long enough to make the prospect of storing all the things you need for a month-long (or longer) stay away from home a real dilemma. You can't go more than a month without a lot of these necessities you bring along, whether they are clothes, toiletries, electronics or other personal items, but your space at camp is going to be very more

Staying Hydrated In The Summer Heat

You’re sure to have a blast at summer camp. You’ll be spending the days in the sun, running around with your friends, going on long hiking excursions, and…say—you’re going to get pretty thirsty while you’re there. It should be pretty obvious to all of you how essential water is in our lives and extremely important to our own survival. It makes up 60% of our own bodies. Staying hydrated during your fun in the sun this summer is a very important responsibility. So “water” you waiting for? Enjoy your summer. Enjoy your more

How to Avoid Ticks at Camp

Summer is a perfect time to enjoy nature, and a trip to summer camp is one way to give your kids a terrific summer experience in the great outdoors. However, summer also brings some dangers from insects. Read on to learn how to avoid ticks at camp with the simple tips to ensure your summer season is safer and more more

How Making Friends Helps

Just the thought of making friends at summer camp may seem daunting or downright scary to some—especially kids who are on the shier side. But making friends is actually one of the easiest parts about a camp stay. It’s natural to feel nervous about meeting new people, but there’s really nothing to worry about. Going hand-in-hand with making friends, here are a few benefits that are sure to make you eager to mingle! more

Making Friends at Camp is Easier Than You Think

Shyness is a quality found in everybody. Some folks are more shy than others and some people hardly seem shy at all—but even they are sure to turn timid in certain social situations. The point is that it’s only normal to be anxious about meeting new people. We may get overwhelmed or even scared in our anticipation for summer camp. There’s no need to wallow in your worries, though! Just check out these four simple tips that will have you making friends in no more

What Writing Can Do For You

Days at summer camp are jam-packed full of exciting adventures, experiential learning, fun times with friends, cool personal moments, and so much more. With all that mental stimulation filling those long summer days, it’s likely that we’ll end up forgetting a thing or two or maybe a lot more. After all, the human brain can’t create a lasting memory out of everything that happens throughout your day. A memory stands a much better chance of sticking around, however, if you write it more