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When biking a brutal, 100-mile race, Michael Eidson conjured up the concept of the CamelBak brand to take hands out of the equation of quenching your thirst. To make it through this race, you’ve got to be prepared for hydration with few opportunities to refill along the way. Michael had the idea to fill up an IV bag for a makeshift hydropack. Pretty smart! He looked a little silly and got some laughs from other racers, but they weren’t laughing when they had to fumble around with their water bottles during the race. So advantageous, Michael developed the hydration pack and sold them to other cyclists at future races. Eventually CamelBak hit the road, visiting every bike shop from Florida to California, pitching their quality hydration packs and creating a strong foundation for the brand name. Hands-free hydration proves itself useful to more than just cyclists, but to hiking summer campers too as well as innovative CamelBak water bottles and more. Check it out right here.
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