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Bug Patch

Bug Patch introduces an intriguing method of avoiding pestering insects as well as unwanted chemicals (like DEET) found in many repellents during your summer camp stay and other long bouts spent outside. In short, it works by placing a uniform shipment of the B1 vitamin—thiamin directly into your bloodstream. The B1thiamin then gets secreted through your pores as you sweat, masking the carbon dioxide’s odor—which is what the bugs seem to find so appealing—the bugs don’t even realize you’re around! Mr. Robert Borland’s very clever idea with a patch that leaves no smell, residue, or bugs. From ticks to mosquitoes, to chiggers and gnats, the Bug Patch guarantees protection for 24 hours at a time. The company has grown and expanded since then, now occupying larger facilities in Pinckard, Alabama where all of The Bug Patch’s packaging, shipping, and administrative functions happen. Check it out right here.

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The Bug Patch - 6 Pack

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