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Biggie Funnoo Disk

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Item# 82016-7


The Biggie Funnoo Disk is a soft and foldable flying disk, but still has the same amount of fun as the original. Made of nylon, the disk unfolds to 23” in diameter, but can fold down to just 9” across. A mesh carrying case is included to help with storage. Because of it’s ability to fold down, it’s easy to pack in your camp trunk and won’t take up a lot of room. To use, grip it by wrapping the entire inside of your arm around the outside edge at chest level. Then throw it by standing sideways toward your target, swing your arm forward and release.

  • Materials: Nylon
  • Weight: 6.9 oz
  • Best Use: Play catch
  • Additional Details: Soft, foldable, lightweight
  • What's Included: Mesh carrying case
  • Country of Origin: CN
  • Dimensions: 2x9"folded, 1x23"unfolded
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