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Here at Everything Summer Camp we've got popular kids back packs. Check out our back packs from Jansport, High Sierra, and Kelty in all sizes and colors.

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A backpack is a school and summer essential. Kids need a reliable backpack during the school year. However, that need doesn’t go away in the summer, especially if your child is headed off to camp. That’s why you need to find a reliable backpack that can stand the stress that kids dish out. At Everything Summer Camp, you will find an eclectic collection of backpacks that will get your kids where they’re going. Choose from a selection of brand name backpacks like Jansport, High Sierra, Kelty and more. All of Everything Summer Camp’s quality kids backpacks are built to last.

\nWhen picking a backpack, it is important to take into consideration the level of travel it will be undertaking. That’s why Everything Summer Camp offers such a wide selection of backpacks for kids. We offer basic school packs for kids who aren’t quite roughing it. These Packs make for a great catchall and they’re certainly useful all throughout the year whether it is for school, practice, or day camp. For a slightly more vigorous camping endeavor, bring a day pack. Day packs are an excellent pick for single-day activities or a light overnight outing. For a tougher outing, go for the framed backpack. Everything Summer Camp offers have framed packs with internal Frames and external Frames. Internal frame packs keep their framework hidden inside the pack and offer more movement and stability. External frame packs wear their framework on the outside. These packs are less expensive than internal frame packs. They allow for better ventilation, provide lots of pockets, and are better equipped for heavy loads.

\nWhatever your child’s level of travel or activity is, Everything Summer Camp has the perfect backpack that will help them get where they are headed, trip after trip.\n