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Anchoring Cable Lock

Item# CL-24-12


You can put a lock on your camp trunk, but it can still walk away. This Anchoring Cable Lock keeps that from happening, when used properly. The 24-inch wire cable is encased in a plastic sleeve. Secure the loop to your trunk or case by attaching an eye bolt with a wing nut through the exterior of the case. The other end has a loop with a steel key lock. Attach that to a fixed object in the room, such as a pipe or heater. The trunk or case is then secured. It takes a great deal of effort to free the case and anyone looking to lift an item or two will move on to the next person's possessions. The coated cable is resistant to being cut and the steel lock is secure as long as the key stays on your person or a hidden location. The wire cable is similar to those used to secure laptops and other electronic equipment. It is a great solution for camp, dorms, trunks, cases, and other equipment in public spaces.

  • Materials: Wirecable
  • Construction: Wire Cable encased in a plastic sleeve, Steel lock located on one end of the cable loop, and an Eye bolt with wingnut located on the opposite end to attach to the footlocker
  • Weight: 1 lb 1oz
  • Best Use: Securing your trunk
  • Additional Details: Gets installed on the trunk and attached to a fixed object in the room
  • What's Included: Cable, Lock,Key, & Wingnut
  • Country of Origin: US
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Dimensions: 24" L x 1/4"Diam.|4"loop
  • Attaches to Trunk : yes
  • Installed at Factory : yes
  • Installable at Home : yes
  • Removable : yes
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Great idea
Pros: Excellent way to secure the footlocker. Comments: We purchased this add on so the locker and contents wouldn't be leaving the dorm room without his knowledge. The hole in the footlocker is so well done, I couldn't find it. No rough edges smooth as the rest of the trunk. Excellent add-on.
Pros: Excellent Quality lock! Super strong lock provides total ease of mind! Easy to install & use. Cons: My only con would be that the placement of the hole they drill to install the trunk... I would have preferred to have the hole in the rear of the trunk as opposed to the front, but I realize in hind sight, that I could have requested placement of the hole to be in the rear when ordering. Other than that, no complaints what-so-ever.
Love It!
Pros: very sturdy - sure to protect whatever needs protecting. I love how the hole was prepared for the lock and I feel good about my daughter storing her stuff at college and not worrying about it.
Pros: Great Quality. connection to foot locker is solid. Cons: Wish it was a little longer for more flexiblity.
Not going anywhere
Pros: When you buy the slim footlocker make sure you invest into one of these. Easy to install and will give me a peace of mind that the trunk will not "Just walk away"